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Friday, October 15, 2010


Mel is a little Spanish obsessed. She's also obsessed with Brunswick St. So when I said that I'd never had churros, she insisted we had to go visit Juanita's on said street. I could hardly be churlish and resist, now could I?

We got six to share. And quite the generous pot of chocolate too.

Did I forget to mention what churros are? Long thin deep-fried donuts, basically. With chocolate for dipping. How had I missed out on them for 31 years?

They were fabulous. And at the end, our plate looked like this:

Aaactually... that's not entirely true. That is, the plate certainly looked like this at one point. But it wasn't the end; not quite. You see, Mel convinced the nice waitress that I needed a spoon... and, well, I'm sure you can imagine where that led.

Mel tells me that the restaurant, dessert version is even better than the cafe version. I'm drooling just thinking about it.


  1. Nom.

    (Pretty sure I was 31+ before my first churro - was only a year or so ago :-o)

  2. Aweome, aren't they? I'd like to see a lot more churros in my future.

  3. I feel so short changed that I haven't had an authentic churro... I wont be able to! Anyone know where I can get gluten free churros? But they look soooo nummy! Especially that chocolate pot!

  4. A very quick Google found me several gf recipes, but it's in no way the same to have to make them yourself, I know! Surely they must exist SOMEwhere...

  5. oh oh! churros are so good! i only had them once when i was on holliday in Spain.