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Monday, August 2, 2010

Syrian French toast

Where: Gingerlee, Lygon St
What: Syrian-style French toast, with orange blossom syrup, honey labne, stewed rhubarb and pistachios.
Why: who needs a reason?? In this case, though, it happened to be a dear friend's birthday, and we stole her away from her family for brunch.

Mel and I both chose the Syrian-style French toast. In the top photo you can see part of what the other two chose - they were in a savoury mood, and so went with poached eggs, avocado, field mushrooms and Persian fetta. I mean, yes, awesome choice, but... against THIS??

This may win as one of my all-time favourite breakfasts ever. I am unconvinced that there is egg involved in the toast; it's too transparent, and more candied than eggy, I suspect because of the orange blossom syrup. The rhubarb is stewed perfectly, and its tartness cuts through what might otherwise be slightly cloying. The honey labne adds a delicious creamy note, and the pistachios - well, they're pistachios. Most meals are improved by pistachios.

In between gazing into the far distance in rapture over this meal, Mel and I decided that perhaps we need to investigate all of Melbourne's French toast opportunities. This was sparked by the birthday girl's revelation that she is a savoury French toast person, which is... something that needs to be investigated.


  1. Wow. That does look impressive. Though I have to say that I am also a savory frenchie as well! (That's how i was taught to cook it when i was a kid - can't remember who by tho)

  2. Nom nom nom. Do I have to wait until the next birthday to go back and order that?!

  3. K, I don't think I've ever had savoury French toast, and to be honest it's probably going to have to be offered *without* a sweet option for me to be really happy about choosing it!

    Gina, certainly not. Maybe for my birthday! - or maybe with no excuse at all...