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Monday, September 27, 2010

Baclava French Toast

Mel says: It felt like quite a milestone to sit down and share baclava french toast with Alex at Demitri's Feast because discussing our desire to eat it led to the idea of the Bucket Food List to begin with. Baclava french toast came with walnuts, greek yoghurt and orange blossom syrup. The toast was light and fluffy. My favourite part were the candied walnuts, yum! We also shared a delicious lamb pie with crisp, crunchy pastry.

Alex says: yeh, just imagine what it was like for us trying to halve that sucker. Pastry blowing in the wind. The french toast wasn't nearly as sweet as I had feared - the yoghurt went a long way towards mitigating any overwhelming-ness. The walnuts were indeed wonderful, but the hit for me was the syrup; I love orange blossom syrup. Pity Demitri's is in Richmond, because this could easily become a favourite. On the other hand, maybe it's good that it's not that close by...

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